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Last updated: Mon Aug 29 15:08:51 2011, 25273 messages
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  • [filmscanners] Re: large scanning project, (continued)
  • [filmscanners] RE: ADMIN: domain transfer issues, Clark Guy
  • [filmscanners] ADMIN: domain transfer issues, Tony Sleep
  • [filmscanners] RE: white LED vs Cold cathode flourescent, Kapetanakis, Constantine
  • [filmscanners] white LED vs Cold cathode flourescent, Maurice Rickard
  • [filmscanners] ADMIN : List Archives, Tony Sleep
  • [filmscanners] Re: OT: monitors (was Re: Nikon scanner,
  • [filmscanners] RE: Nikon scanner availability, Hanna, Mark (x9085)
  • [filmscanners] Scanners and digital,
  • [filmscanners] New Ilford products,
  • [filmscanners] CRT and flat panel thoughts,
  • [filmscanners] Postprocessing - Resizing for screen display,
  • [filmscanners] Using high res digital camera for scanning/du,
  • [filmscanners] Re: ADMIN : trim your posts please!, Peter Marquis-Kyle
  • [filmscanners] ADMIN : trim your posts please!, Tony Sleep
  • [filmscanners] RE: slide scanner - Plustek OpticFilm 7200i, Chris Street
  • [filmscanners] Scanning Kodachrome anything new?,
  • [filmscanners] RE: Old Polaroid 4000,
  • [filmscanners] Old Polaroid 4000, BRAD DAVIS
  • [filmscanners] FW: Re: Nikon Coolscan V ED, Berry Ives
  • [filmscanners] Nikon Coolscan V ED, Berry Ives
  • [filmscanners] Re: Kodachrome puzzle (laquer?!) 1970 vintage,
  • [filmscanners] Kodachrome puzzle (laquer?!) 1970 vintage, Dieder Bylsma
  • [filmscanners] Minolta Dimage Scan ELite 5400 II negative ca, Patrick Cullinan, Jr.
  • [filmscanners] Appropriate colour space to scan into and wor, Dieder Bylsma
  • [filmscanners] Re: LCD vs CRT for imageediting,
  • [filmscanners] LCD vs CRT for image editing,
  • [filmscanners] Epson 4990 vs. Microtek i900 - What to buy?,
  • [filmscanners] Re: HP PhotsSmart - questions (on topic), Rich Koziol
  • [filmscanners] HP PhotsSmart - questions,
  • [filmscanners] RE: 'Cheap' film scanner recommendations, Kapetanakis, Constantine
  • [filmscanners] 'Cheap' film scanner recommendations, Simon Pearson
  • [filmscanners] ADMIN: Msgs not appearing?, Tony Sleep
  • [filmscanners] Archives,
  • [filmscanners] B+W inkjet printing,
  • [filmscanners] Nikon Supercoolscan 5000 ED, Mary Orton

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