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[filmscanners] RE: Nikon Supercoolscan 5000 ED

Sorry about the $600!

I had a similar situation, except that I didn't spend the $600 to try to fix
my SS4000.  The SS4000 had developed bad pixels in the CCD sensor - Polaroid
wanted $400 just to look at it, and more $$$ to fix, so I just junked it
after 3 years, figuring that I had gotten plenty of value for what I paid.

I bought a Nikon Supercoolscan 5000ED as a replacement, about a year ago,
and have scanned approximately 150 - 200 rolls of print negative and print
positive film.  I have recently purchased a Digital SLR, and will be doing
most photography with that now, but I am glad to have the 5000ED and have no
plans to sell it.  Including sales tax, I paid about $1,100 for the device.

The scanner connects to a PC via USB, the scan speed is roughly 4x faster,
and the quality is better, too.  Having IR dust detection and correction,
which I usually use on it's least intrusive setting, solved a major problem
I had with the Polaroid.  My expenditures for canned air dropped to $0!  If
you are careful with this feature, you won't lose much sharpness, but if you
overdo it, you will definitely see some loss of detail.

Also, the Nikon doesn't use a carrier for strips of film - you just feed
anywhere from 2-6 frames on a strip right into the from of the machine,
which is a huge timesaver when compared to the SS4000 - I always had trouble
getting my film to lay flat enough to line it up correctly in the Polaroid
filmstrip carrier!  The slide feeder takes only one mounted slide at a time,
which is kind of a pain if you have a lot of these to scan.  You can buy
both a bulk filmstrip loader, which can process up to 40 images on a roll,
and a bulk slide loader, which holds 50 mounted slides.  Each of these
options costs about $500.  I have neither.  I was tempted to get the
filmstrip loader, but then I realized that, after scanning the film the
first time, I was going to cut it into strips of 6 images each to fit the
storage sleeves I use, so what was the point!  I still have 3-4,000 mounted
slides inherited from parents to scan, so I may still purchase the slide

I don't use the Nikon software much, preferring Vuescan as easier to use and
faster, with no loss of functionality.

I have had no software or hardware issues, either.  My PC is fairly new and
very capable with fast processor and 2 gb of memory and Windows XP Pro.  I
do computing for a living and run a pretty "tight ship", so this may be an
important reason why I have had no problems.

Hope this helps.

Patrick Florer

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Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 3:01 PM
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Subject: [filmscanners] Nikon Supercoolscan 5000 ED

Has anyone had any experience with this slide scanner? Nikon Supercoolscan
5000 ED

My Polaroid SS 4000 is not working well (-fine waves in dark areas and
coloured lines ). We sent it to the Polaroid repair shop and it is virtually
the same upon return except we are 600 dollars poorer. As it has worked well
for us for 7 years we thought there must be something better out there by
The Nikon specs sound good, but it is hard to find independent reviews. We
don't do high volumes but do need top quality.
Thanks for any help
Mary /Michael Orton

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