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[filmscanners] large scanning project

If you use Windows the other Infrared dedicated film scanner is Plustek
OpticFilm 7200i. 250 or US$450. Its 7200dpi so could give larger prints
than Sprintscan 4000dpi. Reviews:

Holds up to 4 slides at a time.

Chris Street

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> Sent: 29 May 2006 06:43
> To: chris@street56.fsbusiness.co.uk
> Subject: *** SPAM *** [filmscanners] large scanning project
> I recently decided to try submitting some of my photography to
> a stock photography company.  They asked me for an initial
> submission of 100 or more of my best slides as digital scans.
> This is a much larger number of scans than I have attempted for
> any previous project.  If I succeed in selling these images to
> them, I have many more that might be suitable that I will need to
> scan.
>  I have a Polaroid SprintScan 4000 scanner which scans at 4000
> dpi and 12 bit color depth.  Unfortunately, it has no infrared
> channel based system for removing dust specks from the images.
>  I am spending way too much time with the healing brush
> deleting dust specks from each image to get 100 scans done in
> a reasonable amount of time.  I'm considering several
> approaches to solving this problem, and I would like advice
> from others about what to do.  The first solution I've
> considered is finding a reasonably fast and effective way of
> physically cleaning the dust off the slides.  I tried Rexton
> Anti-static film cleaner applied to the slide with a q-tip
> cotton swab.  This didn't seem to work too well, and it tended
> to leave cotton fibers on the slide.  there seems to be a fair
> number of small spots or specks, possibly something other than
> dust specks that are still adhere to the slide after cleaning
> with the Rexton cleaner.  Are there other approaches to cleaning
> the slides that I should try that might be reasonably quick and
> effective?
> A second solution I'm considering if buying a new scanner with
> an IR channel, such as Nikon's Coolscan V ED with digital ICE.
> At the time I bought my SprintScan, scanners that both scanned at
> 4000 dpi and had an IR channel were beyond my price range.  The
> Coolscan V now sells for the fairly reasonable price of about
> $600.00.  Can anybody comment on the quality of Digital ICE
> vs. trying to clean the slides physically?  Can anybody
> comment otherwise on the relative quality of the Coolscan V
> vs. my SprintScan 4000?  Nikon's software for removing the
> effects of film grain, for example, sounds quite impressive.
> One possible disadvantage of the Coolscan V ED is that its
> slide feeder apparently only holds one slide at a time,
> whereas the SprintScan's feeder holds up to 4 slides at a
> time.  This is a significant concern, since my main reason for
> considering a new scanner is to save time on large batches of
> scans.  The Super Coolscan 5000 ED has a 50 slide feeder
> available as an accessory (but unfortunately, the Super
> Coolscan costs $1100, and the SF-210 50 slide feeder costs
> about $400 extra).  The standard MA-21 single slide feeder for
> Super Coolscan 5000 ED is identical to that used on the
> Coolscan V ED, yet Nikon's website doesn't list the SF-210 50
> slide feeder as compatible with the Coolscan V. Can the SF-210
> slide feeder be made to work with the Coolscan V ED?  Is there
> a third party multi-slide feeder that works with the Coolscan
> V ED?  Thanks for any advice that you might be able to provide.
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> and science."
> -Albert Einstein
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