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[filmscanners] Re: 'Cheap' film scanner recommendations

Scan Dual is something like $240, yes?  Sounds like a remarkable
deal for a dedicated 35mm scanner.  I use VueScan for B&W
scanning and really like it. Haven't tried it for color scanning, though.

Sounds like a very reasonable, low cost plan, though.


Simon Pearson wrote:

>I have been recommended this list after posting a question on the yahoo D70
>mailing list, so hope you can help...
>I have a collection of around 2500 slides, mostly Kodachrome (and a handful
>of negative), that I would like to eventually get around to scanning so that
>I have a digital archive of them all, plus this will mean they actually get
>looked at a bit more often.....
>I do not need them to be scanned at any fantastic resolution since they will
>only be for web use and/or maybe small prints (under 7x5), since if I want a
>large print, I would just use the original slide.
>Also bearing in mind since turning digital I have not taken another film
>photo, so once the slides are scanned the scanner will effectively be
>defunct, so the less I can spend the better....  I had been thinking of
>getting a flat bed scanner since that at least wouldn't become defunct, but
>the quality isn't as good (for film) and I've never felt the need for a
>flatbed ever anyway, so it too would probably be defunct.....
>I have been thinking along the lines of the Minolta Scan Dual IV plus
>Vuescan software since it gives me a RAW file. The RAW file appeals since it
>is effectively the same as a 'normal' RAW file in the digital camera sense,
>the basic data is there and I can return to it at any time in the future to
>tweak and get the most out of it.
>Any advice greatly appreciated.....
>BTW I know that this will be a very onerous task taking me a few years to
>complete, but the good side is that the slides aren't getting any more
>numerous so an end is always in sight!
>>From sunny/wet Bolton.....

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