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Last updated: Mon Aug 29 15:08:54 2011, 25273 messages
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  • filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: Best solution for HD and images, (continued)
  • filmscanners: Re: [FD] OT: Peizography, Ian Jackson
  • filmscanners: Pre scan viewer?, Ian Jackson
  • filmscanners: creating correction curves from scanned calibr, michael shaffer
  • filmscanners: Information on Polaroid Position, Ian Lyons
  • filmscanners: Yellow barcode, color dashes, Dana Trout
  • Re: filmscanners: More Polaroid information, Evan Anderson
  • filmscanners: VueScan 7.2.4 Available, EdHamrick
  • filmscanners: OptiCal correction/retraction, Bill Fernandez
  • filmscanners: Ilfochrome vs Imacon + Crystal, David Lewiston
  • filmscanners: neg conversion, Tomasz Zakrzewski
  • Re: filmscanners: OT - portfolio, RogerMillerPhoto
  • RE: filmscanners: OT-portfolio, Jack Phipps
  • filmscanners: Grain size in Fuji 800 color neg films, Dave King
  • filmscanners: portfolio, Tomasz Zakrzewski
  • filmscanners: grain in negs/slides, Tomasz Zakrzewski
  • RE: filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: 2700pp, Jack Phipps
  • filmscanners: Agfa discontinues scanner sales in N. America, Tim Atherton
  • Re: filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: 2700pp, FrankPeele
  • filmscanners: Photshop resource, Hemingway, David J
  • filmscanners: How do I leave?, peter.phipp
  • RE: filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: 2700pp, Jack Phipps
  • RE: filmscanners: factor in sharpness, Alessandro Pardi
  • filmscanners: Artixscan 4000T and Vuescan, Goodwin, Leif
  • filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: 2700ppi a , Rob Geraghty
  • Re: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: 2700ppi a limiting facto, RogerMillerPhoto
  • RE: filmscanners: 2700ppi a limiting factor in sharpness?, RogerMillerPhoto
  • re: filmscanners: re: filmscanners: 2700ppi a limiting facto, Goodwin, Leif
  • filmscanners: Re: Multiple passes, Roger Smith
  • filmscanners: Polaroid?SilverFast Discount Link, Shawn Coggins
  • filmscanners: Re: Is 2700ppi a limiting factor in sharpness?, Roger Smith
  • filmscanners: VueScan 7.2.3 Available, EdHamrick
  • filmscanners: FS4000, John Rylatt
  • Re: filmscanners: Canon FS4000 - test results, markthomasz
  • filmscanners: Q for Ed Hamrick - Vuescan and Scanwit - Drive, HEREDIA, ARMANDO J
  • filmscanners: Slide scanner question., Eric
  • filmscanners: Filmscanners: OT: Pricing, Steve Greenbank
  • filmscanners: VueScan 7.2.2 Available, EdHamrick
  • filmscanners: OT: SS4000 in Taiwan, Alex Zabrovsky
  • filmscanners: constant warmup on flatbed scanner, Jules
  • Re: filmscanners: Re: Nikon LS4000ED inquiry + Mac OS 9.x, Eric Calderwood
  • filmscanners: Test version of VueScan for SS120, EdHamrick
  • filmscanners: SS 4000 and Windows XP, Kim Stewart
  • RE: filmscanners: SS40000 and pixilatted edges, Hemingway, David J
  • filmscanners: Vuescan raw file formats, Mike Bloor
  • filmscanners: FS4000, Vuescan and Linux, Luca Salgarelli
  • filmscanners: VueScan 7.2.1 Available, EdHamrick
  • Re: filmscanners: OT: Zooms and sharpness, was Website ref., markthomasz
  • Re: filmscanners: OT: Places to ask about lenses?, RogerMillerPhoto
  • Re: filmscanners: Canon FS4000 scanner 'review', markthomasz
  • filmscanners: Slverfast AI discount upgrade, Hemingway, David J
  • filmscanners: Bulk scanning with Vuescan, Mike Bloor
  • filmscanners: VueScan and Mac OS 9.x, eric . calderwood
  • filmscanners: VueScan 7.2 Available, EdHamrick
  • filmscanners: filmscanner 4000 dpi, Bernard COMOLET
  • Re: filmscanners: (OT) Pixels per inch vs DPI, RogerMillerPhoto
  • filmscanners: Nikon Coolscan iv ed trashes Windows 98SE, Pete Cutter
  • filmscanners: Posterization Problem with Silverfast and SS12, Jeff Spirer
  • RE: filmscanners: Re: Dynamic range, Shough, Dean
  • filmscanners: Re: Canon 4000 ppi film scanner report, Roger Smith
  • filmscanners: Polaroid 4000 35mm Scanner, BobGldstn
  • filmscanners: scanner for contact sheets, Jules

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