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filmscanners: Posterization Problem with Silverfast and SS120

Here's a change from the endless bickering over technical details...

I'm trying to scan some nightclub shots, I was forced to shoot Tri-X at 
1600 and push.  They are pretty soft, as the club was darker than I 
expected and I was getting shutter speeds around 1/4.  Anyway, this was my 
first attempt at scanning thin negs with the SS120 and I was dispirited at 
the results.  Perhaps there is a gain setting somewhere...

What I got was quite a bit of posterization.  It can be seen in this shot, 
particularly in the face and the cleavage (wait, don't look there!):


Not great...  I then tried scanning using Insight, and got significantly 
better results, although still not as good as my quickie darkroom contact 
sheet.  The change is quite visible in the face and...well, other places:


There's still problems with posterization, but it's far less.

Any suggestions on how to fix this are welcome.

(And thanks to David from Polaroid for helping me previously.  Turned out 
to be a SCSI problem.)

Jeff Spirer
Photos: http://www.spirer.com
One People: http://www.onepeople.com/


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