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Re: filmscanners: OT: Zooms and sharpness, was Website ref.

I would also point out that the site owner refers to the original potential 
criticism, and I quote:

Many would say that such a consumer grade zoom lens is not real sharp. While it 
would be nice to see a better lens along with this test, it does show that a 
zoom lens can do an excellent job. Note resolution test area 3 is far off-axis 
yet still produces detail needing 4000 to 6000 dpi scans to resolve! The 6000 
dpi 35mm scan produces amazingly sharp 19x28 inch prints even at the edge 
(print at 300 dpi). 

If the sprintscan 4000 dpi is representative of the detail in the image, it 
shows the resolving power of the lens + film is on the order of 80 line pairs 
per mm off axis 
(4000 dpi/2pxl per line pair/25.4mm per inch=78.7 line pairs/mm). 

These tests also show that the detail recorded on the very fine grained 
Fujichrome Velvia film is still limited by film grain, not lens resolution. 
These tests, the results, and conclusions are consistent with thousands of 
other images I have obtained with my 35mm and 4x5 systems. 

I think remarkably sharp images can be obtained from most 'consumer grade' 
zooms *at their best aperture*.  I base that on viewing Kodachromes projected 
to about 6ft across (using a very sharp Leitz lens for the projection.. :-)

Sure, many 28-whatever zooms have questionable quality, but it is quite easy to 
see when a slide is sharp and if it is, surely the tests are valid. 


Ron said:
> In this context, you are right on Denise. Regards, Ron
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Denise E. Kissinger" 
> > The Canon Elan is an excellent camera (I have one) and everyone knows that
> > it's the quality of the lens not the camera that you need.!!!!!!!!
> >
> > Denise
> >
> >
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: Paul Graham <peegee@btinternet.com>
> >
> > > well thats an astonishing amount of work on this site, and very
> > interesting
> > > reading,
> > > but what dropped my jaw was that he did the tests on a
> > > Canon Elan with a Canon 28-105mm lens
> > > to judge the quality of 35mm vs 5x4" (among other things) with this is
> > > plainly ridiculous
> > > I'm not trying to be a snob here, but really, you gotta get hold of a
> good
> > > pro 35mm camera before doing such tests,
> > >
> > > paul
> > >

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