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filmscanners: Nikon Coolscan iv ed trashes Windows 98SE

I don't know if anyone has had a similar experience but I have had some major problems with my Nikon Coolscan IV since I bought it.
It all started when I turned the scanner on one day (yes I know it was a rash thing to do) and it caused a fatal exception error in Windows. When I rebooted my machine, I had some kind of protection error, and could only boot in safe mode.
I spent the rest of that night, and much of the following day, trying to get it (and the rest of my machine) working again. I tried almost everything, including uninstalling the Nikon Scan software, uninstalling my other USB device (Epson 1270). I even went through the instructions on Microsoft's web site for diagnosing boot problems step by step, removing all drivers and startup programs until you find the cause of the problem.
Anyhow, after several long hours of this, I ended up reinstalling Windows 98SE completely. This fixed the problem, or at least fixed the boot problem, So then I reinstalled my printer, and reinstalled Nikon Scan 3.1. I even downloaded the latest firmware upgrade and applied it.
Then I fired up NS 3.1 and set about ACTUALLY SCANNING SOMETHING. I carefully played around with all the preview settings, and when I was finally ready, I hit the SCAN button. At which point Nikon Scan crashed and started writing Dr Watson logs, and I gave up in disgust.
Of course I can still use the damn scanner because I was smart enough to buy Vuescan some time ago, otherwise it would be a very fetching and expensive doorstop.
Can anyone out there who has had similar problems throw any light on what may be the problem now? Perhaps I should have avoided the firmware upgrade? Does anyone know if it will run under Windows XP without screwing up the entire USB setup and trampling other bits of the OS?
Actually the latest symptom is that Nikon Scan cannot even see the scanner, although Vuescan still can.
Any help gratefully received ....
Pete Cutter
p.s. any news of Nikon Scan 3.2? or 4.0 even?


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