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filmscanners: FS4000 & VueScan 7.2.1

Does this mean that with the increased exposure feature of VueScan 7.2.1 that 
Mark T's
underexposed slides can now be scanned on FS4000 to show 'noiseless' shadow 


EdHamrick@aol.com wrote:
> I just releaded VueScan 7.2.1 for Windows, Mac OS 8/9/X
> and Linux.  It can be downloaded from:
>   http://www.hamrick.com/vsm.html
> What's new in version 7.2.1
>   * Added support for CCD exposure time on Canon FS4000
>     (integer from 1 to 6), enabling "Device|Auto exposure"
>     and "Device|Long exposure pass"
>   * Improved speed of multi-pass multi-scanning on scanners
>     with two pass infrared scanning (FS4000 and ScanWit 2740S)
>     by only doing one infrared pass

"Mark T." wrote:

> But when I stuck in an underexposed 
> sunset (shot on kchrome 25), the catch appeared.  Initially the scan looked 
> excellent - it dragged out more shadow detail than I had seen from this 
> slide before.  But when I dragged the curve up a bit to look at the detail 
> more closely, the noise was pretty obvious.  If it had only been in the 
> very deepest areas, I would have forgiven it, but it seems to pervade all 
> deep shadow areas.


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