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Re: filmscanners: OT: Places to ask about lenses?

Hi Rob,

Here are those scans as promised:

We're going pretty far OT, so please reply off list.  Contax G's are AF 
rangefinders.  They're great as long as you go in knowing their limits -- 
they don't suit everybody.  The Zeiss lenses are from 16 to 90mm plus a 
35-70 zoom.  All are excellent, & most a notch better than that.  The G2 
takes all of the lenses; the G1 takes all but the zoom.  See 
www.contaxcameras.com  for the company site &  www.contaxg.com for the user 
group & mailing list.  I've only had my G2 since June, so I'm not the 
world's expert in them.

The G1 recently went out of production; the G2 continues.  Many dealers 
have new G1s with the 35/2 Planar & flash for $750-800.  The 45/2 Planar is 
a hair sharper.  Since it's also cheaper, dealers often let you substitute 
it in the package.  The G2 is a nicer body in many ways, but whether or not 
they're decisive is up to you.  Adorama, B&H, Tamarkin are all good places 
for US imports.  For grey market, www.deltainternational.com has many 
satisfied customers.  I got my G2 used locally.

Bob G

At 06:04 PM 11/2/2001, you wrote:
> > Optical bang-for-the buck is high with Contax G series.  They take a
> > limited range of top notch Zeiss lenses at great prices.  Email me
> > for 4000 dpi samples.
>Hi Bob - how much are you talking for a Contax body and lens?  Even the base
>model body and a 50mm or whatever lens is cheapest in the range?


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