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RE: filmscanners: scanner for contact sheets

I use an Epson 836XL tabloid scanner.  It's 800SPI which is just fine for
contact sheets.  You really don't need high SPI for contact sheets...but
what you do need is size!  A 36 exposure 35mm contact sheet doesn't fit on
the letter scanners...so I had to move up to a tabloid.  The other option is
to shoot 24, which certainly has a better chance of fitting on one of the
8.5 x 11 scanners...but make sure you check the transparency size the
scanner supports.

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> Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2001 6:11 PM
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> Subject: filmscanners: scanner for contact sheets
> subject that's been touched on this list before.
> i want to get a flat bed scanner specifically for making contact
> sheets for
> 35mm film.  obviously it needs to be able to handle an 8x11
> *transparency*.
> it does NOT need to have great color matching but does need a decent dpi.
> i have an epson precision 1200U with the transparency adapter
> which is fine,
> but the scanning area for transparencies is very small (can fit
> jsut 4 (2x2)
> 35mm frames).
> other requirements: USB or SCSI and <$400
> any ideas?
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