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Re: filmscanners: Re: Nikon LS4000ED inquiry

"Bill Fernandez" <bill_sub@billfernandez.com> wrote:
> o You have to decide whether or not to use ICE and/or GEM BEFORE you
> scan.  You can't do a bunch of scans, examine them, then run ICE
> and/or GEM on only the few scans you feel really need them.

Have you tried Vuescan?  With Vuescan you could save raw files and recrop
later without rescanning.

> o The filmstrip holder is not so nice.  It had four independently
> moving parts, some plastic and some metal.  Getting the filmstrip
> inserted and the holder closed with all the moving parts aligned with
> each other is a real pain, and it's impossible to do without getting
> fingerprints somewhere on the film.

If the filmstrip holder is the same as for the LS30/2000, I agree it's
fiddly but I disagree that it's impossible to use without putting
fingerprints on the picture frame area - edges, yes.  I've scanned a lot of
film with this adapter and haven't put any fingerprints on my photos yet.
The lab technicians have however... :-(

> o It also comes with a motorized filmstrip adapter.  The is a cool
> idea in that you just feed the end of a filmstrip (of 2 to 6 frames)
> into the slot and it grabs it and pulls it into the scanner.  In
> practice however it is cranky, inconvenient, and frustrating.  (I'm
> tired of writing so I won't go into detail.)

This comment really surprises me.  I've scanned many rolls of film using the
filmstrip adapter with my LS30.  It works really well and with Vuescan I can
walk away and leave it to batch scan.  If the film is a type which tends to
curl a lot, one side of a frame may have poor focus if it is at the end of a
strip but this is the exception rather than the rule.  I found using the
motorised adapter *far* more convenient than the holder.  Batch scanning
quickly helps, as the heat of the scanner will tend to make the film curl
more (the plastic "remembers" the curl it had in the film canister).

Has anyone tried the adapter in the new Nikons to scan a roll of film?  I've
used the APS adapter for the LS30/2000 and it works really well.  So nice to
pop in a film an walk away, leaving the scanner to batch scan the entire



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