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Re: filmscanners: scanner for contact sheets

> 5 frames in one strip.  the 1640SU can't do that as the transparency unit is
> only large enough to fit a 3 frame strip.
> i'm keeping an eye out for tabloid scanners on ebay now.
> thanks much.
> ~j

You'd be well served to get a scanner like Austin describes. I looked for a
while then decided I was too cheap. I cut my 35mm rolls into 6 strip
lengths, so when I'm not so cheap so as to squeeze that damn 37th frame out
of the roll ;-) I can fit 6 strips of 6 exposures on my cheapo Umax Astra
1200 with transparency adapter (which allows up to 8x10" scans) IF I lay
them directly on the glass without a printfile sleeve. IOW, laying the film
directly on the glass with edges all snug up against each other, they fit
thew 8x10 adapter.

It works, but if I weren't so cheap I'd rather have the tabloid scanner and
keep my negs in the print file pages. Just remember to factor the cost of
the transparency adapter into your decision making equation.

PS, Of course, if you cut your negs into strips of 5 it's a different


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