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Re: filmscanners: Re: Nikon LS4000ED inquiry + Mac OS 9.x

> Bill ,
> How did you get VueScan to recognise the Nikon 4000 ED ?
> I am still having difficulties.
> Eric
>> At 8:49 AM +1000 3-11-01, Rob Geraghty wrote:
>>> "Bill Fernandez" <bill_sub@billfernandez.com> wrote:
>>>>  o You have to decide whether or not to use ICE and/or GEM BEFORE you
>>>> scan...
>>> Have you tried Vuescan?  With Vuescan you could save raw files and recrop
>>> later without rescanning.
>> BF: I've just gotten the new Vuescan to recognize the scanner and am
>> looking forward to trying this.
>>>> o It also comes with a motorized filmstrip adapter....In
>>>> practice however it is cranky, inconvenient, and frustrating.
>>> This comment really surprises me.  I've scanned many rolls of film using the
>> filmstrip adapter with my LS30...
>> BF: I think that it will turn out to be a good thing for making
>> moderate quality batch scans, but I'm finding that to get the most
>> out of my images I have to hand tune the settings for each image, and
>> in this type of workflow the motorized filmstrip adapter makes me
>> angry when I use it.  Part of this has to do with the stupid and
>> inconvenient way the software handles the making of thumbnail
>> previews, part of this has to do with the stupid and clunky way it
>> handles adjusting the framing, part of this has to do with the stupid
>> and time-consuming way it wants to throw out the thumbnails and
>> recreate them after every scan, and dang it-- part of this has to do
>> with the hardware not having an eject button!  To put it bluntly I
>> FEEL like the software and hardware were specially designed to balk
>> me at every turn X-(.  It makes me mad.
>> --Bill


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