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Re: filmscanners: OT: Places to ask about lenses?

Optical bang-for-the buck is high with Contax G series.  They take a 
limited range of top notch Zeiss lenses at great prices.  Email me off-list 
for 4000 dpi samples.

Bob G

At 05:05 AM 11/2/2001, you wrote:
>"Larry Berman" <larry@bermanart.com> wrote:
> > You failed to mention which camera brand you're using. If Nikon, all their
> > lenses are color matched. On other forums, like the D1/D1x, it's one of
> > things that come up for discussion from time to time.
>It wasn't actually that important.  My current main SLR is a Pentax MZ5 (ZX5
>in the US).  But if buying a basic Canon or Nikon would give me access to
>significantly better lenses, I would do that.  I just don't have the means
>to test the differences between lenses from different brands, and my
>impression of "consumer" 28-80 zooms is that it's much of a muchness.  But
>if a Pentax 100mm prime is much the same as a Canon or Nikon, I'd be better
>off spending the money on the lens than the camera.
>When scanned, frames from the 50mm prime lens are notieceably sharper than
>the AF zoom.  I want to find out if a different brand of zoom (or prime)
>would make for a significant improvement.  I don't have the sort of money to
>go for Zeiss lenses or that ilk, but it would be nice to use the sharpest
>lens I can actually afford.
>It's frustrating to see things fuzzy when scanned.


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