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RE: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: 2700ppi a limiting factor in sharpness?

> Austin wrote:
> > What are you using for lenses?  Hopefully primes?  Yes, the lense
> > does have a LOT to do with it, as I found out going from Nikon
> > primes to Leica/Contax primes...
> Nothing in the same league.  If I was using Leica/Contax primes,
> I'd probably need 4000ppi to get the best scans - and I could
> probably afford the scanner. :)  I have a number of lenses, but
> the one which is causing the most frustration from a lack of
> sharpness is the Sigma 28-80 AF zoom.  Hence my recent question
> about chasing a better lens.

Ah, yes.  Seriously, DO chase a better lense!  The Contax 50/1.4 is a
cheapie and any of the Contax lenses are in the same league as Leica glass.
It's Zeiss glass...and they are superb performers, most any of them, and
about 1/3rd to 1/4th the price of Leica glass.


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