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Re: filmscanners: Canon FS4000 scanner 'review'

Thanks for that Tom.

> > Unit has no eject button which is annoying - 
> Yes, the partial solution is to switch it on and off, works like eject

My concern would be that I would guess turning the scanner on and off 
needlessly will somewhat reduce its lifespan, and puts needless load on the 
electronics.  Not a big issue, just a silly design decision IMO.
> > scan app.  Does an awful lot of stuff in memory, so 512K RAM at least 
> I am using it with 256MB, for one full resolution scan works without disk
> swapping (Win2000)

Hmm - the test machine was also Win 2000 & 256M, and it did a lot of diskwork - 
maybe poorly setup..?
> >.. more closely, the noise was pretty obvious.  
> If you are working on underexposed slides you should change exposure by 1 or 2
> stops in FilmGet. In this case you will get normal noise level.

So do you mean that the noise level drops, *relative* to shadow detail?  The 
scan I got was not at all washed out from overcompensation for the 
underexposure, so I (perhaps rashly) assumed that if the exposure was run down 
far enough to get rid of the noise, too much shadow detail would go with it..  
Certainly when I tried to adjust the final image's gamma (post-scan), that's 
exactly what happened.

> I will show on Monday some examples. 
Look forward to seeing them. :-)

Regards, mt

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