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Re: filmscanners: OT: Places to ask about lenses?

Rob Geraghty wrote:
> "Larry Berman" <larry@bermanart.com> wrote:
> > You failed to mention which camera brand you're using. If Nikon, all their
> > lenses are color matched. On other forums, like the D1/D1x, it's one of
> the
> > things that come up for discussion from time to time.
> It wasn't actually that important.  My current main SLR is a Pentax MZ5 (ZX5
> in the US).  But if buying a basic Canon or Nikon would give me access to
> significantly better lenses, I would do that.  I just don't have the means
> to test the differences between lenses from different brands, and my
> impression of "consumer" 28-80 zooms is that it's much of a muchness.  But
> if a Pentax 100mm prime is much the same as a Canon or Nikon, I'd be better
> off spending the money on the lens than the camera.

        You won't have access to significantly better lenses by switching
brands. All of the major brands produce lenses ranging from stellar to
so-so. Pentax makes some amazing lenses, although they seem to be
emphasizing compact, lightweight systems. Their newest offerings are
also their best, a series of prime lenses called their "limited" line.
You can see them at Gandy's site: http://www.cameraquest.com/pen4319.htm
and you can ask and read to your heart's delight about Pentax lenses


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