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Last updated: Mon Aug 29 15:08:51 2011, 25273 messages
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  • [filmscanners] Good $300 scanner for 35mm & 120?, Ken McKaba
  • [filmscanners] RE: Pacific Image PowerSlide 3600 opinions?, Clark Guy
  • [filmscanners] RE: Lines in scans,
  • [filmscanners] Pacific Image PowerSlide 3600, 3600dpi, Autom, Clive Moss
  • [filmscanners] Lines in scans, Thomas Maugham
  • [filmscanners] large scanners, HPA
  • [filmscanners] Silverfast and Polaroid SS4000, Thomas Maugham
  • [filmscanners] Best 35mm slide film?, Bill Fernandez
  • [filmscanners] OT: The joy of software upgrades... (Adobe ed, ?ISO-8859-1?Q?H=E5kon_T_S=F8nderland?=
  • [filmscanners] Vuescan - slightly OffTopic, Al Bond
  • [filmscanners] 8 bit vs. 16 bit -again..., Brad Davis
  • [filmscanners] Re: Understanding dpi, Tris Schuler
  • [filmscanners] ADMIN: Mail-archive.com test, Tony Sleep
  • [filmscanners] Nikon Color Management, Ed Lusby
  • [filmscanners] cleaning a dusty Nikon LS4000,
  • [filmscanners] Third-party repair options for Polaroid SS 40, Philippe Le Zuikomane
  • [filmscanners] Scanning 35mm film for maximum quality tutori, HPA
  • [filmscanners] Vuescan Calibration Shortcut, Stewart Skelt
  • [filmscanners] Re: Panther (10.3) + VueScan + SS4000 +Linoty, Roger Smith
  • [filmscanners] Panther (10.3) + VueScan + SS4000 +Linotype E, michael
  • [filmscanners] Unavailable shortly, Arthur Entlich
  • [filmscanners] Sharpening after scanning (SS4000): question , Stan Schwartz
  • [filmscanners] Flatbed scanner question,
  • [filmscanners] RE: list, Clark Guy
  • [filmscanners] ADMIN: Virus WARNING 'Site changes' mail, Tony Sleep
  • [filmscanners] list, Frank K-F
  • [filmscanners] Nikon V ED vs 5000 ED, Alex Z
  • [filmscanners] 35mm slide mounts for scanning, Thomas Maugham
  • [filmscanners] RE: Arthur Entlich -temp address change, Clark Guy
  • [filmscanners] Arthur Entlich -temp address change, Arthur Entlich
  • [filmscanners] ADMIN: server upgrade completed Saturday, Tony Sleep
  • [filmscanners] Re: [filmscanners_Digest] filmscanners Digest, HPA
  • [filmscanners] Re: SS4000 again, HPA
  • [filmscanners] Topic: SS4000 again,
  • [filmscanners] Epson 4870,
  • [filmscanners] SS4000 again, Rob Geraghty
  • [filmscanners] Re: Another lurker seeking advice,
  • [filmscanners] Sharpening and Grain, Howard Grill
  • [filmscanners] RE: [filmscanners_Digest] filmscanners Digest, Howard Grill
  • [filmscanners] Grain In scanned 35mm film, Howard Grill
  • [filmscanners] Oh no! Not another "which one should I buy" q, Ed Lusby
  • [filmscanners] Cleaning a Polaroid SS4000,
  • [filmscanners] Scanner for 6x6, Alex Z
  • [filmscanners] Device interface and Windows 2000, James L. Sims
  • [filmscanners] Re: [filmscanners_Digest] filmscanners Digest, HPA
  • [filmscanners] Re: Canon 4000US?, Ed Lusby
  • [filmscanners] Canon 4000US?, Jeff Lowenthal
  • [filmscanners] ADMIN: List temporary suspension for maintena, Tony Sleep
  • [filmscanners] Off Topic: About those USB flash memory drive, Arthur Entlich
  • [filmscanners] high-iso scanning: minolta 5400 or nikon LS-5, simpy
  • [filmscanners] Re: Discussion forum for VueScan, Bill Wood
  • [filmscanners] Discussion forum for VueScan, Thomas Maugham
  • [filmscanners] Re: [filmscanners_Digest] filmscanners Digest,
  • [filmscanners] LS-2000 film feeder, Paul D. DeRocco
  • [filmscanners] Re: [filmscanners_Digest] filmscanners Digest, Frank K-F
  • [filmscanners] new Nikon Coolscans: help needed, Major A
  • [filmscanners] RE: Silverfast Aquisition, Howard Grill

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