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[filmscanners] Re: Nikon Color Management


> The profile generated by Vuescan was a icc extension. As a raw rookie, I'm

ICC stands for Internation Color Consortium, ICM doesn't stand for
anything, the "M" is just for "module" I guess, without any
correlation to the "IC". Files with these extensions are both ICC
profiles. I'd prefer .icc as the extension, but .icm is more common. I
think the colour management supplied with Windows 98 upwards uses .icm
as the extension, which sort of establishes .icm as the de-facto

> all profiles should be icc.  I noticed however, that icm profiles are
> usually 200KB or more, while icc profiles are only 1-4KB.  So my question

ICC profiles can vary greatly in size, depending on how many of the
features are used, how deep the look-up tables are, etc.

> is, is there an inherent difference in icc and icm profiles? I tried to


> rename my vuescan profile to Nikon's profile name and pasting it into the
> Nikon profile directory.  Nikonscan functioned, but the resulting output

No big surprise. The ICC profile format is very generic, and
manufacturers often use it only as a basis for their own
software. Given that, I don't expect Nikonscan to follow the
specifications of the ICC, they just hacked together a driver that
works with their profiles.

> there some other explanation?  If Nikon has a proprietary ICC format it
> would explain why they wouldn't give me any information about their
> profiles, and it would explain why Nikonscan doesn't allow custom profiles,
> because they would be incompatible.

I think they only support a small subset of ICC profiles, and the ones
created by VueScan (and many other programs) are not among them.

Hope this helps,


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