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[filmscanners] Re: Nikon Color Management

Hi Ed--

I scan Kodachrome with a Nikon 4000, and am running NIkonScan 3.x on
MacOS X, so my experiences may or not help you, but here goes:

(1) I found that I get greater dynamic range and more accurate color
by scanning with Nikon color management turned off, generating a raw
scan, opening it in Photoshop, and APPLYING a custom profile I made
using a Kodachrome IT8 target and the ICC Scan software from

(2) My understanding is that ICC/ICM profiles with small file sizes
are usually contain only a few matrices, while the ones with large
file sizes usually contain large lookup tables.  The larger ones are
more precise.  See the comments Joseph Holmes makes about his
Ektaspace profiles on his website, www.josephholmes.com.

(3) I'm under the impression that you can usually convert profiles
back and forth between ICC and ICM, but I don't know what's involved.
I bet the info is somewhere on the web.

(4) My impression, left over from some early fooling around with the
profiles that came with my Nikon 4000, is that the Nikon profiles are
special in some way and cannot be interchanged freely with other
profiles.  In particular, I think I remember trying to rename my
custom Kodachrome profile with same name as Nikon's Kodachrome
profile, and substituting the former for the latter, and it didn't

Hope some of this turns out to be useful.


At 10:25 AM -0700 4/21/04, Ed Lusby wrote:
>I recently obtained the Nikon LS5000 scanner and began to try to obtain a
>profile for Kodachrome scans.


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