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Last updated: Mon Aug 29 15:08:56 2011, 25273 messages
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  • Re: filmscanners: Sorting OT mail, (continued)
  • filmscanners: VueScan 7.0.4, Bob Frye
  • RE: filmscanners: ADMIN: OT, bad tempers, etc, Jack Phipps
  • RE: filmscanners: Rude Posts---was Tony please take note, Lynn Allen
  • filmscanners: CoolScan IV (or LS40), vicky
  • Re: filmscanners: OT - More about Jay Maisel, Chris Hargens
  • filmscanners: Re: taking pictures (was: OT more copyright q, Lynn Allen
  • Re: filmscanners: Re: OT messages & OTquestions., Chris Hargens
  • Re: filmscanners: OT:copyright symbol, Lynn Allen
  • filmscanners: " Issues for the moderator", Eli Bowen
  • RE: filmscanners: I Apologize, Lynn Allen
  • Re: filmscanners: OT --On Topics, Lynn Allen
  • filmscanners: OT & Nikon 4k & ss4k, Bill Ross
  • filmscanners: Vuescan - Ed Hamrick - Thanks, Bob Leonard
  • RE: filmscanners: Grain removal and aliasing, Shough, Dean
  • Re: filmscanners: OT more copyright questions, Lynn Allen
  • filmscanners: RE: OT UK Copyright Issues, Cooke, Julie
  • filmscanners: Grain in Color negative Film, Michael Moore
  • filmscanners: ROC/GEM, Lynn Allen
  • filmscanners: More Vuescan 7.0.3 grain removal, Henry Richardson
  • filmscanners: Changing the subject line: was : Jay Maisel In, Eli Bowen
  • filmscanners: Re: Vuescan, Lynn Allen
  • RE: filmscanners: Jay Maisel Interview with Pictures and Li, Lynn Allen
  • filmscanners: Vuescan grain removal idea, Henry Richardson
  • filmscanners: 110 negs, revisited, Lynn Allen
  • filmscanners: New Nikon Scanner pricing in the UK (LS-40, LS, Pete Cutter
  • Re: filmscanners: cleaning neg's, sharpening, Lynn Allen
  • Re: filmscanners: Vuescan sharpening ( reflection on sharpen, Lynn Allen
  • filmscanners: OT: Strange Message(s) format??, Lynn Allen
  • filmscanners: OT: was:Yo Tokyo, Lynn Allen
  • filmscanners: RE: grain removal (Was: Need feedback ...), Lynn Allen
  • Re: filmscanners: Vuescan scan darker than preview 7.0 3/12/, DonConnors
  • filmscanners: Vuescan 7 and PS 6.01, Andreas Kurz
  • filmscanners: Re:Canon FS2710 and Windows 2000 SCSI not work, Colin Maddock
  • filmscanners: Canon FS2710 and Windows 2000 SCSI not working, SD M
  • filmscanners: CoolScan 4000ED, Mikael Risedal
  • filmscanners: To clean/wash old negatives on glass ?, Ezio
  • [no subject], SD M
  • filmscanners: Strange Message(s) format??, Dan Wenz
  • filmscanners: Win 2000 and Canoscan fs2710 SCSI problems, SD M
  • filmscanners: 110 film, Jolene
  • filmscanners: Gold star for polaroid!, John Matturri
  • filmscanners: LS-30 Profile, Software City
  • filmscanners: Jay Maisel Interview with Pictures and Link..., Larry Berman
  • filmscanners: This might help with writing CDs, Henry Richardson
  • filmscanners: Question for Medium Format Photographers, Hemingway, David J
  • filmscanners: Vuescan 7.0: Crop box not appearing, Joel Nisson
  • filmscanners: ADMIN: Old bounced msgs reappearing now solved, Tony Sleep
  • Re: filmscanners: Vuescan grain dust removal function (was: , Henry Richardson
  • filmscanners: Virus ALERT - W32/Magistr, Dale & Gail
  • filmscanners: First look at Nikon Super Coolscan 4000, Mikael Risedal
  • filmscanners: RE: Dmax (was: I got a Nikon LS-40 on Loan), Lynn Allen
  • filmscanners: how much time do you spend futzing with scans., Alan Womack

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