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Re: filmscanners: To clean/wash old negatives on glass ?

NO - NO - NO - not the chemical products for the windows.  You might check
the archives as cleaning film has been discussed here recently, but the
suggestions essentially were:

Photo cleaning fluid - Kodak's was found to be not particularly effective
but a product called PEC-12 was.  If you photo store does not carry it I
have saved the message where the manufacturer (a Mom-and-Pop operation) was

Dry anti-static cloths - but be very careful with these and test the on
something else first.  Cloths for household cleaning were being used but
many of them have chemicals in them which could smear and/or further damage
the negative.  They are essentially for cleaning dust off, not the stuff you

Compressed air - again for dust.

A sticky roller especially manufactured for film cleaning.

I guess, for your situation, I would try the PEC-12 if available or the
Kodak or other film cleaner if not.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Ezio" <ezio@iname.com>
To: "Film Scanners News Group" <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2001 4:24 AM
Subject: filmscanners: To clean/wash old negatives on glass ?

| Dears, after many months of 0 activity on digital photography ... I have
| started again and hence here I am to bother you all ... I beg your pardon,
| but I need your valuable help and advices.
| I have found some negatives (B/W) on glass 4'x6' (inches) and I am trying
| scan them using a flatbed HP 6200 and Vuescan 7.0 .
| The very first problem I have found is that the negatives are particularly
| DIRTY , spots, shadows of liquids (humidity condensed ? ) etc. ...
| SO ! how do you suggest to clean/wash them ?
| May I use some chemical products I have at home to clean/wash the windows
| ... alcool , and some other shining chemicals + soft paper ?
| OR should I try to used distilled water only ?
| I want to avoid to waste these old glasses .... they are family portraits
| and I am sentimentally involved with this stuff.
| My goal is to print them after having scanned and worked with PS.
| Sincerely.
| Ezio
| www.lucenti.com  e-photography site


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