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filmscanners: OT: Strange Message(s) format??

Dan wrote:

> I normally edit my replies but I have received several of the following
messages, no subject, and an expanded header, although all other headers I
receive are in Netscape's "normal" format.
> Is this something I might control on my end, ie., shorten?

<clip referred-to msg>

I don't know, Dan, but my mail-box has been acting strangely too, and
judging from other msgs, it doesn't seem to be a local ISP thing and
Netscape may not have anything to do with it (I'm using OE, and seeing
similar stuff--not that msg in particular).

Tony's perplexed about this, and maybe we all are. My server tested my box
and it worked fine, but something seems to be screwy. Anybody else?

Best regards--LRA

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