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Re: filmscanners: Grain in Color negative Film

At 09:53 23/03/2001 -0500, you wrote:

>It depends on processor and chemistry QC & maintenence also, and this
>contributes to widely varying processing quality even though the exact
>same chemistry may be loaded initially.

assuming fixed temperature and time, the only variable is CD replenishment.

>Also mini-labs may use 3rd
>party concoctions that aren't as good as Kodak or Fuji.

I am not aware of any 3rd party stuff being worse than Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, 
Konica, the only problem would be with small pack kits from independent 
manufacturers (that sort that suppose to process both paper and negs in one 
I have official formulae for C41/AP70/Fuji with methods to analyse 
processing solutions, from major manufacturers. The only difference may be 
with sequestering agent. The rest: CD4, carbonate, sulfite, bromide, 
hydroxylamine, iodide are the same.

>   If you're
>after quality go to the best lab you can find.  The film will be run
>in machines with better temp control, better handling, etc., and
>maintained by techs, not school kids working part time.  It's the most
>critical step after shooting, if you want best quality don't skimp at
>this stage.

that's true, but affects handling (dirt, scratches), sometimes films are 
underdeveloped due to under-replenishment or faulty machine. The same may 
happen to profi lab.


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