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Re: Getting around the firewire problem was Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

Moreno writes:

> If you consider a state-of-the-art $10k Intel-based
> workstation a desktop, then what is your old NT box?
> A peashooter?

It's not price, it's purpose.

> Personally, I don't know any photographers, scanner
> operators, or prepress houses that are running
> computers more than two years old; most are likely
> to be running fairly current technology.

Have you ever seen other computers besides PCs?  As a general rule, no desktop
system is a misson-critical production system.

> Several clients are running JD Edwards as their
> "mission critical" application, and their upgrades
> are frequent and numerous, at least several
> times per year. The upgrades take minutes, not
> years.

Minutes for new hardware, an OS change, and reinstallation of all applications?

> Of course, in the context of this newsgroup, this
> doesn't apply. I just wanted to point out
> that you're wrong.

What purpose is served by attempting to prove that I'm "wrong," if the attempt
is not relevant to the topic under discussion?

> I don't see anyone on this list, other than you,
> complaining about the new Nikon scanner interface.

Perhaps they are not in the same position I am in.

> And as far as Nikon is concerned, their scanners
> sales are doing really well. You'd be hard pressed
> to convince them that they blew it, other than in not
> having enough manufacturing capacity to meet
> demand.

I may make the attempt, just the same.


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