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Re: Getting around the firewire problem was Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

Moreno writes:

> I'm quite amused at your assertions at who my
> customers are.

All you've described thus far is desktop users, and desktop systems are not
production systems in any mission-critical sense.  The company will not fail
because a desktop computer isn't working.

> Most of them are indeed in a production environment,
> most of them upgrade often and run current technology.

See above.

> I personally don't know of anyone, other than you,
> that takes two months to upgrade their system.

Spend a couple of decades working with real production systems, and you'll know
lots of people like that.  In fact, you'll know people who take a year to
upgrade a system.  I've certainly had to deal with people like this quite often,
and in fact I've been one myself, when I was working on that side of the fence.

> And I can pretty much guarantee that my "mission
> critical" or "professional users" don't take weeks,
> or as in your case two months, to upgrade their
> systems.

You don't have any mission-critical users, or at least you haven't described

You make the same mistake that many microcomputer companies make, including the
big ones like Microsoft.  Their employees have never dealt with true
mission-critical systems, in the mainframe or NASA sense (for example), and are
so completely ignorant of these domains that they refuse to acknowledge their
existence.  A lot of microcomputer companies have had serious problems with
customers as a consequence of this ignorance, and they continue to have trouble
penetrating the server and mainframe markets because of their extreme
cluelessness.  This has been a problem with products like Oracle, SQL Server,
and Exchange, to name just a few examples among many.

> If you want to learn more about Microsoft's announcement
> to discontinue NT support ...

There has been no such announcement.


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