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Re: Getting around the firewire problem was Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

Moreno writes:

> A large part of my business deals with 3D
> animation, video editing, and pre-press graphics.
> You may call these desktop systems, I call these
> production systems.

I call them desktop systems, within the context of this discussion.

> In the context of this scanner newsgroup, I doubt
> you'll find that anyone takes a year to upgrade
> their systems, especially if their livelihood
> depends on it.

I agree.  In cases like that, you just don't upgrade at all.

> And when their livelihood depends on reliable
> systems, they probably won't be saddling them
> more than 100 applications, as you yourself
> have done.

Sometimes their livelihood may depend on all those applications.  It's not a
large number.

> But they will upgrade often to take advantage
> of newer, faster hardware and software upgrades.

Not if they need the system up and running continuously as a business necessity.

> Your are right in that I haven't dealt with NASA
> and have very little to do with mainframes. Perhaps
> you can discuss those systems on a more appropriate
> newsgroup.

They are no less appropriate to discuss than desktop systems.  The original
point, after all, was that rebuilding a system from scratch just to accommodate
a new scanner isn't practical, and Nikon blew it by making its new scanners
incompatible with the old ones--a mistake it has never made with its cameras.


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