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Getting around the firewire problem was Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

"Anthony Atkielski" <atkielski.anthony@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> I've considered it--but how would I get the pictures back and forth
between the
> two machines?  I'd need to buy a router, at the very least, so add a few
> more dollars.

Huh?  Where did you get that idea?  Worst case scenario you could use direct
networking with a laplink cable for about $20.  If you have LAN cards with
pair connectors you can use a crossover ethernet cable.  If you have coax
cards then
it's two T-pieces, two terminators and a piece of cable.  If you have USB
you could
do it with a USB cable.  All the networking is built into Windows
*depending* on which
version you're running.  If it's NT 4.0 then you're out of luck with USB.
If you
have NT 4.0 and want to use a laplink cable, check out KB article Q142065.
I don't think you can use a parallel port laplink cable with NT 4.0, but it
may be
possible to buy a parallel port to ethernet adapter with NT drivers.

> And the machine would need at least 512 MB of memory in order to
> hold the scans, so add a few hundred more.  And I'd need a second copy of
> Photoshop, and a second top-quality monitor and video board, so add
> $2000 or so.  We are already into thousands of dollars just for this one
> and I'm not even counting the scanner!

RAM is about US$40 for 256MB in Australia so I can't imagine it would be so
expensive in France.  Actually you don't need all that RAM to do scans, only
to edit them.  Why do you need Photoshop and a top quality monitor?
AFAIK Vuescan supports the LS4000 so you could dump raw scans from it
and port them across to the NT box.  If you must use Nikonscan, then you
have a problem but you might be able to get a switch for your existing
As I mentioned earlier, if you put a CDRW drive in the new computer you
could write the raw scans to CDR and use sneakernet to put them on the NT
machine to crop them and edit them.  A CDRW drive with burnproof can be
had here for about US$110.

Or you could buy a Polaroid SS4000 which uses SCSI and you wouldn't have
a problem - just no ICE...



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