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Re: Getting around the firewire problem was Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

Just like to add - get a pair of 100Mbit LAN cards with twisted pair
cross-over - it will take ages to transfer TIF files by any other means. I
would move the PS to the new machine as this is generally slow to process
large TIF files even on my 900Mhz Athlon.

Pack the new machine with ram (1GB) - it's cheap at the moment. Most video
cards are pretty good today even the cheap ones.
If you fancy saving some money and space use only 1 monitor (your current
one) by using a switch to swap between machines. Some switch boxes allow you
to connect 2 computers to one monitor,a keyboard and a mouse - although they
need high quality switching as the mouse and keyboard should not normally be
(dis)/connected whilst the machine is running.

I am currently using 2 machines with one monitor one via BNC and via the
d-sub cable (2 keyboards and mice). One machine is stitching panoramas
whilst I do other tasks on the other machine.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Rob Geraghty" <harper@wordweb.com>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Saturday, August 25, 2001 12:43 PM
Subject: Getting around the firewire problem was Re: filmscanners: Best film
scanner, period!!!

> "Anthony Atkielski" <atkielski.anthony@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> > I've considered it--but how would I get the pictures back and forth
> between the
> > two machines?  I'd need to buy a router, at the very least, so add a few
> hundred
> > more dollars.
> Huh?  Where did you get that idea?  Worst case scenario you could use
> cable
> networking with a laplink cable for about $20.  If you have LAN cards with
> twisted
> pair connectors you can use a crossover ethernet cable.  If you have coax
> cards then
> it's two T-pieces, two terminators and a piece of cable.  If you have USB
> you could
> do it with a USB cable.  All the networking is built into Windows
> *depending* on which
> version you're running.  If it's NT 4.0 then you're out of luck with USB.
> If you
> have NT 4.0 and want to use a laplink cable, check out KB article Q142065.
> I don't think you can use a parallel port laplink cable with NT 4.0, but
> may be
> possible to buy a parallel port to ethernet adapter with NT drivers.
> > And the machine would need at least 512 MB of memory in order to
> > hold the scans, so add a few hundred more.  And I'd need a second copy
> > Photoshop, and a second top-quality monitor and video board, so add
> another
> > $2000 or so.  We are already into thousands of dollars just for this one
> chance,
> > and I'm not even counting the scanner!
> RAM is about US$40 for 256MB in Australia so I can't imagine it would be
> expensive in France.  Actually you don't need all that RAM to do scans,
> to edit them.  Why do you need Photoshop and a top quality monitor?
> AFAIK Vuescan supports the LS4000 so you could dump raw scans from it
> and port them across to the NT box.  If you must use Nikonscan, then you
> have a problem but you might be able to get a switch for your existing
> monitor.
> As I mentioned earlier, if you put a CDRW drive in the new computer you
> could write the raw scans to CDR and use sneakernet to put them on the NT
> machine to crop them and edit them.  A CDRW drive with burnproof can be
> had here for about US$110.
> Or you could buy a Polaroid SS4000 which uses SCSI and you wouldn't have
> a problem - just no ICE...
> Rob


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