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[filmscanners] Re: was: RE: SS4000 & ...now: mean people suck

Well said: spot-on.


lotusm50@sprynet.com wrote:
> I will say but one thing one this.  For context, I am an American who
> lived in London for 5 years.
> I think it is a mistake, and quite unfair, to apply a behavioural
> stereotype to everyone of a particular Nation.  All the British are not
> one way, and all the Americans are not another way.  There is tremendous
> diversity of behavior and attitudes across both populations.  Certainly,
> different cultures have different modes of socially acceptable behavior
> - and on average (if you will), communication styles in England (not
> necessarily applying to Scotland, Wales or Ireland) tend to be more
> indirect (this is well documented in cultural/sociological research).
> That said, the offending statement had nothing to do with that. (it was
> quite opposite from, really).  Being familiar with both cultures, I find
> nothing about it as being commonly acceptable behaviour in either
> culture.  It was rude and insulting, and obviously burst out from some
> bottled-up, mounting frustration.  It was entirely a personal reaction
> (over-reaction, really) of the poster, and one that seemed to come of of
> nowhere with no recent context (at least to me).  It had nothing to do
> with being British -- certainly nothing to do with any notion of
> National elitism, and the reaction had nothing to do with being
> American.  I think we are much to quick to assign negative behaviours
> that we experience as being characteristic or a particular nationality
> or ethnicity.  Rather than trying to couch this in National or cultural
> terms, we should be counseling the offending poster in anger management.

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