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[filmscanners] Re: was: RE: SS4000 & ...now: mean people suck

On 16/02/2008 Arthur Entlich wrote:
> I won't quote it, but George's comment was as clear as the nose on my
> face. It was  hostile, very directed, and IMHO, very inappropriate.

On a hunch, I just checked, and George is a Brit, posting from a
BTinternet address. There is actually a cultural collision here in style
of expression. Americans are, IME, extremely polite (perhaps because you
never know who is carrying a concealed handgun:) and do have a certain
formality to their writing style. You see this not only on lists but
across US publishing, serious newspapers maintain a formality of style
that has largely disappeared in UK after the London 'Times' began using
photos on the front page about 30 years ago. To Brits, US prose often
seems turgid and verbose. I guess UK expression must often seem uncouth
and intrusively direct.

I think maybe that accounts for the different perceptions here. To my mind
George's expression was tetchy and direct but not intended to cause
offence, just to make a frustrated point - which I took to anyway be about
quoting. However for Art in Canada and Laurie in USA, it seems to have
crossed a line.

Not making excuses, but hoping we can understand and move on.

Tony Sleep

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