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RE: filmscanners: Nikonscan3.0 and LSIII

With regard to Vuescan cleaning and ROC in version 7.0+, I found by 
accident that there is a huge difference between 48-bit 2700 ppi scans on 
my LS-30 (where that should have been more than enough) and 64-bit, 2700 
ppi settings. In the former, the filters didn't seem to work worth sour 
apples. In 64-bit mode, it was a revelation. The magenta flesh tones in my 
25-year-old slides suddenly turned human, in most cases. A little work in 
PS4 (I'm way behind the times, I know) and I had very presentable images, 
at least at the standard of family photo album usage. Since those old 
slides were precious (like my mother's 80th birthday party, several of the 
people now long gone) it has helped greatly to justify my investment in the 
scanner, as that was a primary motivation for me.

At 07:53 AM 04/27/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> >> Ed made some changes to IR cleaning between Vuescan 6.7.5 and the
> >> 7.0 series.  I find many instances of incomplete scratch cleaning
> >> from LS-30 in 7.x that are completely removed using 6.7.5.  Still
> >> true with 7.0.14.  ...
> >       It seems to me Ed also made a change during that period of 
> versions, the
> >result being his IR dust removal had absolutely no effect on areas of the
> >image where no dust was present (no softening).  Have you also compared
> >those areas???
>No, not a detailed compare.  I bring vuescan-scanned images into Photoshop 
>in hi-bit mode for further editing, and haven't seen any undesirable 
>softness there using cleaning alone.  (The more intense grain elimination 
>clean/filter options 2 and 3 that go beyond IR-cleaning of course will 
>soften an image.)  Except for scratch removal both versions produce very 
>good images that meet my needs for both web and print (Epson 
>1200).  Vuescan 7 sometimes will give better initial colors.
>Ideal if Ed could implement it would be an additional filter option (in 7) 
>to use 6.7.5's IR-clean algorithm in the cases where it's needed.
>This applies to my images, mostly from stage-lighting in theatre on higher 
>speed neg film.  Might be different for daylight shots.
>Bob Shomler


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