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Re: filmscanners: Nikonscan3.0 and LSIII

>Compared to Vuescan, scratch removal is much better

Ed made some changes to IR cleaning between Vuescan 6.7.5 and the 7.0 series.  
I find many instances of incomplete scratch cleaning from LS-30 in 7.x that are 
completely removed using 6.7.5.  Still true with 7.0.14.  I haven't tried 
Nikonscan 3, since it reportedly does not deliver hi-bit scan data.  

I get around Vuescan's cleaning deficiency by using 6.7.5, but of course would 
prefer to use the current release.  I sent Ed a note a month ago describing 
this along with an example.  He replied then that "I'm completely bogged down 
with some work right now and can't really look into this for a few weeks."  So 
perhaps when he has time to get back to this there may be some improvements to 
Vuescan's IR clean function.

Bob Shomler

>There was some discussion recently about using the new Nikonscan 3.0 with
>older Nikon scanners. This is my experience with a Coolscan III:-
>The new interface is much better with more controls and the help is at last
>Scans from negs are improved in that the highlights are not being blown out
>as much.
>As has been said bulk scanning crashes, but I've overcome that by using
>Twain in "Thumbs Plus" which works very well. Occasional crashes but I
>assume that's to be expected when using 2 Beta programs in sync
>Compared to Vuescan, scratch removal is much better, skin tones are warmer,
>and healthier looking, colors are more vivid.
>In all thanks to whoever originally brought this to the list
>John Bradbury


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