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RE: filmscanners: Nikonscan3.0 and LSIII

>> Ed made some changes to IR cleaning between Vuescan 6.7.5 and the
>> 7.0 series.  I find many instances of incomplete scratch cleaning
>> from LS-30 in 7.x that are completely removed using 6.7.5.  Still
>> true with 7.0.14.  ...
>       It seems to me Ed also made a change during that period of versions, the
>result being his IR dust removal had absolutely no effect on areas of the
>image where no dust was present (no softening).  Have you also compared
>those areas???

No, not a detailed compare.  I bring vuescan-scanned images into Photoshop in 
hi-bit mode for further editing, and haven't seen any undesirable softness 
there using cleaning alone.  (The more intense grain elimination clean/filter 
options 2 and 3 that go beyond IR-cleaning of course will soften an image.)  
Except for scratch removal both versions produce very good images that meet my 
needs for both web and print (Epson 1200).  Vuescan 7 sometimes will give 
better initial colors.  

Ideal if Ed could implement it would be an additional filter option (in 7) to 
use 6.7.5's IR-clean algorithm in the cases where it's needed.  

This applies to my images, mostly from stage-lighting in theatre on higher 
speed neg film.  Might be different for daylight shots.

Bob Shomler


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