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Re: filmscanners: FW: Dual Scan II - striping

I want to clarify if the "striping" I am seeing is what Vlad is speaking 
of, and if anyone else sees what I am.

I am seeing a couple of bands of darker sky.  They start at the left 
side and go toward the right.  One, for instance, goes right through the 
"Rooster" weathervane on top of the roof.  Another wider one ends a bit 
above the rooster's head and goes up toward the top edge of the image.

They are more obvious on the left side and fade out as approaching the 

These bands appear no matter what part of the screen I move the image 
to, and I've now looked with several different jpeg viewers.

However, if this is not what Vlad is speaking of, then, Maris might have 
a good point.  These stripes could be caused by a poorly set up monitor, 
certain zoom ratios in certain programs, a monitor needed degaussing, or 
one with magnetic materials near the screen, etc.

I suggest Vlad open the image in a number of programs and see if the 
problem remains constant.  If not, it may indeed be either software or 
monitor related, rather than the scanner.


Maris V. Lidaka, Sr. wrote:

> Vlad,
> I do not see the striping.  One thought comes to mind, however - is it
> possible that it is your monitor that shows striping but that the scanner
> and the image themselves are OK?
> Maris
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Vladislav Jurčo" <vjurco@atlas.cz>
> To: "'Filmscanners (el. adresa)" <Filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
> Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 3:51 PM
> Subject: filmscanners: FW: Dual Scan II - striping
>> I'm about to make the same switch.  Can you explain in more
>> detail, or show (via
>> a small jpeg) what the striping looks like?  In which
>> direction relative to the
>> scanning process are the stripes?
>> Art
> I send you the sample to look at. I think it has something to do with
> temperature in the scanner - it is more apparent after several hours of
> scanning. Stripes are along the frame movement direction they are not sharp
> but blurred, typically dark green in blue area, wide app. 10-15% of frame
> width. Something like that never occured with S20 (several thousands of
> negs)
> Vlad
> PS I have some problems sending the post this is 4th try-out
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