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Re: filmscanners: scanner dilemma

In a message dated 4/23/2001 8:44:01 PM EST, gtassi@erols.com writes:

> To use the grain remover you have to have an infrared channel in the
>  scanner, that is why the ASF functions are specific to certain
>  scanners.

Grain removal has nothing to do with the infrared channel.  The
reason GEM and ROC only work with certain scanners is because
only these scanner manufacturers have paid money to ASF to
license these algorithms.

Note that GEM and ROC are included in the Minolta Scan Multi II
software, and that this scanner doesn't have an infrared channel.

VueScan uses different (and I think better) algorithms for grain
reduction and color restoration than GEM and ROC.

>  I understand that the new Canon scanner (not sure if
>  it is available yet) has its own version of ICE and maybe GEM, apart
>  from ASF or Ed's. However,  I am not too clear on this.

The new Canon D2400 flatbed and FS4000 film scanners have
their own version of infrared dust removal (FARE), but Canon
isn't advertising that they have any grain reduction software
or color restoration software.

E dHamrick


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