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[filmscanners] Re: Vuescan and 64bit Windows - Ed's reply

Thanks for this.  I downloaded the expanded scanners.inf  file and used
it to load the Nikon LS-8000.  I read scanners.inf file in Notepad and
saw the LS-8000 listed so it looked promising.

The scanner, again, loads fine.  But even with the Nikon LS-8000 loaded
using this new file, Vuescan still crashes the system immediately upon
starting.  I wish the blue screen of death didn't pass so quickly so I
could read what the issue was.  Loading the KM 5400 II and my Epson 3200
with this file seem to work fine and Vuescan operates normally with
them.  I also downloaded the very latest version of Vuescan (8.3.50,  I
was using 8.3.47 before) just to make sure that wasn't an issue.

Oh well, I guess I just have to wait for Nikon to get their act together
and issue a x64 driver.  According to a tech support e-mail from them
yesterday, they are now considering it (which seems to be progress).
They wrote, "Compatibility and support for Nikon products with Windows
XP 64-bit is under review by the Nikon Quality department. At this time
we do not have any time table on when we will or if we will issue
drivers and software support for this new system."  But, of course, that
could still mean it might take them a couple more years.  ;-)

Tony Sleep wrote:
> On 02/06/2006 lotusm50@sprynet.com wrote:
>> So, the technique works for the KM Scan Elite 5400 II, but doesn't
>> work
>> for the Nikon LS-8000.  Maybe Ed could find a fix for that.
> Ed's reply:-
> On 03/06/2006 EdHamrick@aol.com wrote:
>  > Here's a more complete scanners.inf file. I thought the extra entries
>  > wouldn't be needed - the GenScanner entry is supposed to pick up
>  > most SCSI and Firewire scanners.
>  >
>  > Regards,
>  > Ed Hamrick
> You can download this file from http://tonysleep.co.uk/scanners.inf
> (embarassed note : the above is a development website I wouldn't be using
> at all except for the ongoing screw-up over the halftone.co.uk domain.
> Almost nothing is visible, it is all locked down. So if you go looking
> around be prepared to be puzzled and disappointed. The only photo on the
> site which is presently visible to guests is on the home page).
> Tony Sleep

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