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[filmscanners] Re: Vuescan and 64bit Windows - Ed's reply

I'll repost this if it gets lost in the hosting change over.

With a booted and running x64 (i.e. everything operating), I turned on
the 5400 II. Windows saw the new hardware and asked for the INF. I had
previously saved Ed's inf on my hard drive, so I put in that location
and the scanner was recognized.

I'm going to do some more scanning before pronouncing Vuescan to be a
replacement for the 5400 II, but so far I like the scans I have done.

If someone is blowing these scanners out for cheap, I might pick up a
second one. The 5400 II was under $500 new, and totally blows away my
old Artixscan 4000t and more than double the price.

lotusm50@sprynet.com wrote:
> I tried this and it doesn't work.  I right-clicked the scanner.inf file
> and installed it.  Vuescan and the OS still can't see or use the scanner
> (that goes for both the KM Scan Elite 5400 II and the Nikon LS-8000).
> I've tried it a few different ways, and rebooted the system to see if
> that helps.  Either the scanner does not show up in the Windows Device
> Manager or it does and says, "This device is not configured correctly."
> In either case, Vuescan (as I understand it) will not be able to access
> the scanner.  Is there a step to this process that I am missing?
> Tony Sleep wrote:
>>lotusm50@sprynet.com wrote:
>>>You are able to use your 5400 II on x64?  I have Vuescan running on x64
>>>but can't load/install the scanner on the system.  How did you use Ed's
>>>".inf" file to install the scanner?  This is great if you were able to
>>>do this.  Thanks!
>>I'll jump in as the list is likely to disappear within an hour or so
>>thanks to the domain move.
>>The usual method is Right Mousebutton click on the .inf file and select
>>'install'. This will load the necessary guff into the registry.
>>Tony Sleep.

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