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[filmscanners] Re: large scanning project

On 31/05/2006 James L. Sims wrote:
> I downloaded a profile from Ian Lyons' Computer Darkroom website
> ( http://www.computer-darkroom.com/home.htm )several years ago that
> seems to work much better than the OEM profile.

I tried that. It helped a bit, provided you did a profile-to-profile
conversion in PS and avoided the broken driver CM entirely. The Epson
canned profile was terrible. I spent ages, and GOK how much paper and ink
trying to get good prints. The inks were shockingly temporary anyhow. I
did think about converting the 1200 to Piezography, but had so little
confidence in it by then that I bought an 1160 instead. In the end I
bought a 1290 for colour and gave the 1200 to my sister, for her kids to use.

> I can understand companies writing off a model some years after
> production has ceased but three years is a bit soon.  Sadly, you're
> right.
> "The industry standard now is epitomised by Dell, whose attitude is
> that
> once a machine is out of warranty it is obsolete and none of their
> concern; you should buy a new model if you want support. Yes, I have a
> Dell Latitude, now on its 3rd keyboard and 2nd motherboard."
> I learned my lesson with the purchase of a new Gateway computer in
> 1996.  I custom built my first machine in 1997 to replace it.

Yep, same here, all self-built, except it's not possible with laptops.
Dell wouldn't sell me parts, only an extended warranty (at 525GBP!). Ebay
has kept this thing going. I won't buy another Dell.

> Again, sadly, Ed's software won't cure my 64-bit driver problem.

Interesting. Why is that? I'm still on 32bit, but does 64-bit have a
different driver architecture? AFAIK Vuescan makes no use whatsoever of
the mfr's 32bit driver, so long as it can talk via ASPI or whatever driver
layer is needed for the data interface, it works. I am sure I have used VS
with various scanners without installing any mfr. s/w, or is a native OS
driver for the scanner invoked?

Tony Sleep

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