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[filmscanners] Re: large scanning project

On 30/05/2006 James L. Sims wrote:
> I am in the same boat with my SprintScan 120 - Polaroid, apparently,
> has
> no plans to provide 64-bit drivers for their defunct line of scanners.

They don't make or sell scanners anymore, sadly.

> On the other hand, a tech at Epson informed me that Epson will
> eventually provide 64-bit drivers for their product line, possibly
> back
> as far as their Stylus Photo 1200 printers.

Maybe they'll finally fix the utterly broken 1200 colour management then?
I had a 1200 for a long while and it never produced a single satisfactory

> I will, therefore be forced to maintain a 32-bit box as long as I have
> an operational SprintScan 120.  My high regard for Polaroid has been
> diminished.

Polaroid effectively went bust. I get a mail a month at least from Nikon
users asking how to get their ancient LS1000 working under XP, since Nikon
have never produced XP software that supports it. Sadly there isn't a mfr
anywhere who is exempt from the vicissitudes of the technology market.

The industry standard now is epitomised by Dell, whose attitude is that
once a machine is out of warranty it is obsolete and none of their
concern; you should buy a new model if you want support. Yes, I have a
Dell Latitude, now on its 3rd keyboard and 2nd motherboard.

The answer, as I suspect it is with your Polaroid 120 and with many
obsolete scanners from companies like Agfa who have fled the market, is to
use Ed Hamrick's Vuescan, which works fine with the LS1000 - better than
the OE ever did, too. I still use a Polaroid 4000, it's a fine machine,
with Vuescan. We aren't all made of the money the mfr's think we owe them
every 2yrs or so. The thing is : next time buy with your eyes open, or,
perhaps more sensibly, not at all. It is only consumer pressure that will
change these policies.

Tony Sleep

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