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[filmscanners] Re: large scanning project

To be completely clear, the Minolta drivers do not work on X64. I need
to boot do XP. Thus I am stuck with a dual boot system.

Microsoft has supplied a shockingly complete set of 64 bit drivers for
old hardware, right on the X64 media (I guess it's a DVD, but I don't
recall). However, this takes cooperation (I assume) from the manufacturer.

I called Sony today and they are looking into  X64 drivers. There are
going to get back to me. ;-)

Laurie wrote:
> A couple of points need to be made.
> First, there are differences between native drivers for 64 bit operating
> systems and 32 bit operating systems. If you are running X64, then it is
> probably downgrading or reverting to 32 bit in order to use the 32 bit
> scanner drivers (I do not think that Minolta or any other scanner
> manufacturer has 64 bit drivers for their scanners) in order to use the
> existing drivers.
> Second, Vista when it is released will come in both 32 bit and 64 bit
> versions.  The X64 will only be a forerunner to the 64 bit version of Vista
> and not to the 32 bit version.
> Thirdly, it is entirely possible that Vista in all its versions may switch
> from the current types of drivers for cameras and scanners used by the older
> peripherals to a new type of driver, which was first introduced in Windows
> XP and exists in XP side by side with the traditional type of driver but
> will not coexist with the traditional type of driver in Vista.  Microsoft
> may not supply new drivers for old peripherals so as to make them compatible
> but may rely on the hardware manufacturers to supply the new drivers for
> their peripherals which will be compatible with those used in Vista.  In
> this case, users will be out of luck if the manufacturer does not furnish
> the new type of driver for their hardware or if the manufacturer goes out of
> business.
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>>Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 11:28 AM
>>To: laurie@advancenet.net
>>Subject: [filmscanners] Re: large scanning project
>>I run X64 (a precursor to Vista) and have to boot to XP to use my 5400
>>II. Dual booting is never a good solution. Math processing really moves
>>on an AMD64 when in 64 bit mode, so the software will really benefit
>>from going to Vista.
>>lotusm50@sprynet.com wrote:
>>>It may not be clear, but they are certainly no longer making or selling
>>>scanners.  The Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II are now exceptionally rare and
>>>if you can get one for a "very good price", buy it.  Also I am looking
>>>for one, so if you could tell me where you found some, I would much
>>>appreciate it.
>>>The Scan Elite 5400 II is  really a very good scanner for 35mm film.  It
>>>provides better and faster results than my Nikon 8000.  I didn't think
>>>about the driver issue with Vista.  But then again, everyone isn't going
>>>to be rushing out to get Vista as soon as it appears.  XP will still be
>>>a viable OS for several years to come, giving the scanner a long enough
>>>life span.
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