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[filmscanners] Re: JPEG2000

Can't imagine what the hang-up could be--money? Paint Shop Pro v8 beta has
it. Works fairly good, too (i.e., not _too_ slow).


>Here for those interested is the situation from LuraTech.  Adobe provided a
>useless answer saying JPEG2000 is not available in Photoshop full, which we
>knew and which doesn't say anything about their future plans.  LuraTech
>suggest that their product will soon be available in PS - "may be in a year
>or more".
>----from Luratech about LuraWave-----
>I will try to sort it out for you.
>0. All plug-ins are different products and need to be purchased
>          seperately. (the core JPEG2000 encoder/decoder is
>          the same but the plug-in frame makes them different.)
>1. IrfanView
>          The free plugin is limited in size.
>          If you buy the IrfanView plugin for 9,95 USD, there
>          will be no limits anymore.
>2. Photoshop plug-in
>          The full version is 79 USD.
>          (The "small" Photoshop Elements 2.0 already supports JPEG2000.
>          We hope, that the "big" Photoshop will support JPEG2000 also soon;
>          this will be somewhat a breakthrough for JPEG2000. If so, you do not
>          need our plugin anymore. But it can be still a year from now)
>3. ACDSee
>          There is no JPEG2000 plugin for ACDSee yet.
>          We produced but could not agree with ACDSee about it so far.
>          So, I would appreciate if you as a CUSTOMER ask ACDSee directly
>          for that plugin; this helps to move the issue.
>So, please order the products you want from our online shop at
>-------end LuraTech------
>Note the prices seem to be slightly lower than this on the linked site.
>Canberra, Australia

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