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[filmscanners] Re: Re:Computer size(New Topic)

How big?

Bigger than a bread box ;-)

Adobe suggests that you should have at least 3-5 times the amount of RAM
memory in your system as the image size to avoid needing the scratch
disk.  SO, a gig of memory should be close to doing that.  However, the
use of the history pallet in recent PS versions adds extra memory needs.

Having said that, I'm using a Celeron 500 and 640 megs of memory and I
also work with some very large images (especially with layers) and most
of the time it is working just fine.

Make sure you have your scratch disks properly designed, keeping them
off the WIN temp or virtual memory partition, as they can cause
conflicts and disk thrashing.  Buy the fastest hard drive and interface
that you can (ATA 100 or 133 and 7200 to 10,000 rpm).  Hard drives are
dirt cheap now.  Make sure you have a partition that is clean and
defragged, and if possible, give Photoshop at least 2 gigs on it.

I don't know if they changed this in recent versions, but PS used to
only be able to address 2 gigs per partition, so I have 3 partitions for
Photoshop each with about 2 gigs.  This may have been changed in recent
years, there is probably a FAQ or something that explains this
somewhere.  Which version of PS are you using?


Op's wrote:

> What size computer do I need so that I may work happily  with Photoshop and 
>200M scan file
> size.
> I now have a P3 800  / 780M ram  + scratch disk.   This  is using sometimes 
>3G  PShop memory
> and is taking heaps of time to process.
> What is the consensus to upgrade to a working configuration?
> Thanks
> Rob

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