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Re: filmscanners: Too picky?

As an owner (yes I'm a cheap s-o-b) of two of the cheapest scanners on the 
market, the Olympus ES10 and the Acer 2720, I can report neither has/had a 
single dead or lazy pixel.  Nor have any of the CCD's or LCD displays on 
video cameras I have owned (4 to date), and if any of the above did hav'em 
they would be taken straight back to the dealer.  If there was a hassle 
with that, I'd be off to our Consumer Affairs bureau.

I do have a low-end Canon flatbed with a slight 'stripe', but I haven't yet 
pulled it to bits to see if it is just something stuck on the calibration 
area.  If it is a dead'un, back it goes.

I'm happy to clone dust away, but I draw the line at lines...  So if you 
are over fussy, you are nevertheless not alone  :)

mark t

At 03:04 AM 30/08/01 -0700, Art wrote:
>My second unit also suffers from duff or lazy pixel sensors on the CCD.
>Some have implied I am being "too picky".
>For people who do NOT have Minolta Dual Dimage II scanners, do you have
>one or more lazy or bad sensors in your CCD array, and if so, do you
>consider that an acceptable defect and have you decided not to exchange


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