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Re: filmscanners: OT: LCD monitors for photo editing

At 23:44 29-08-01 -0700, Henning Wulff wrote:
 >In general LCD's are quite useless for photoediting as they 
color/contrast shift when you move your >head. This also means that even if 
you don't move your head relative to the LCD, all the corners will >display 
the same image range with different values. CRT's are still the way to go.

That doesn't jibe with my experience. Have you looked at the latest crop of 
18.1-inch LCD monitors? I've been working with a Philips Brilliance 180P 
monitor for the past two months and would never go back to a CRT. First of 
all, the color and contrast do *not* shift during normal head movements 
even if I move to the very edges of the screen. Sharpness and contrast are 
equal to any equivalent-sized CRT that I have ever seen. It took a little 
effort to adjust the color neutrality because the factory-supplied profile 
was faulty but now the color is outstanding. Also, there is a lot to be 
said for less eyestrain as compared to working on a CRT. Try one; you might 
like it. Check out the latest Philips and Sony offerings in particular.

Why do you suppose Apple is moving away from CRT's? It's not because they 
want to risk ditching all their graphics industry customers. I'm on a 
Windows 2000 PC, btw.

Cary Enoch Reinstein aka Enoch's Vision, Inc., Peach County, Georgia
http://www.enochsvision.com/, http://www.bahaivision.com/ -- "Behind all 
these manifestations is the one radiance, which shines through all things. 
The function of art is to reveal this radiance through the created object." 
~Joseph Campbell


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