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Re: filmscanners: Subject: 4000 ED and updating IEEE 1394 driver in 98 SE

Well,I managed to set it up and install everything finally,and have just 
spent a few hours getting to know it,and i have to say i am very impressed 
with the scans it produces.I think you may well be right,and i might not 
need the glass holder Gordon,but i will probably try it out anyway just to 
see for myself if there is any difference:)

I will have to experiment some more with it,but so far, at least the 
central portions of the images look as good to me as Kodak photo CD 
scans,which is all i can compare them to due to my limited scanner experience.

Seeing these first few scans has really enthused me,and i have no doubt 
that buying this scanner was the right choice !

Thanks again to all for your help and advice.


At 23:15 19/04/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Leo:  Since you just received the scanned, I suggest you try to scan soome 
>with differing depths for the bow, from flat to really curved.  If you 
>scan them
>and judge the sharpness of each, you may find that you will not need the glass
>slide holders with the new scanner.
>Leo Stachowicz wrote:
> > Also,one other question ....
> >
> > The only optional glass holder which i can find which is available for the
> > 4000 ED is the FH-G1 Medical Slide Holder ....is this the right accessory
> > to get if i want maximum film flatness when scanning 35mm transparencies
> > and negatives ?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Leo


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