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filmscanners: Subject: 4000 ED and updating IEEE 1394 driver in 98 SE

First of all let me say thanks to all those who contributed advice to my 
previous mail to the list. I eventually ordered from Speed Graphic,and got 
the scanner a couple of days ago!

The problem i have,is that after having successfully installed the included 
firewire interface i have been unable to update the driver for 98SE..... 
When i try to run 242975USA8.EXE,it says i have the wrong operating system 
for the update!!!

Under my "general tab" in "system properties" it says my windows version is 
:MS win98 4.10.1998,which as far as i know is 98SE.

I've tried to find an alternate driver update i can use,but without success 
..can anyone please help?...or is this a job for Nikon technical support ?

Also,one other question ....

The only optional glass holder which i can find which is available for the 
4000 ED is the FH-G1 Medical Slide Holder ....is this the right accessory 
to get if i want maximum film flatness when scanning 35mm transparencies 
and negatives ? ...i know this was mentioned before,but i don't recall 
seeing an answer...if there was one already,sorry for repeating the question!



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