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filmscanners: 4000 ED and updating IEEE 1394 driver in 98 SE

sorry if I've posted this message more than one to the list,having problems 
with mail here at the moment.

First of all let me say thanks to all those who contributed advice to my 
previous mail to the list. I eventually ordered from Speed Graphic,and got 
the scanner a couple of days ago!

The problem i have,is that after having successfully installed the included 
firewire interface i have been unable to update the driver for 98SE..... 
When i try to run 242975USA8.EXE,it says i have the wrong operating system 
for the update!!!

Under my "general tab" in "system properties" it says my windows version is 
:MS win98 4.10.1998,which as far as i know is 98SE.

I've tried to find an alternate driver update i can use,but without success 
..can anyone please help?...or is this a job for Nikon technical support ?
Also,one other question ....

The only optional glass holder which i can find which is available for the 
4000 ED is the FH-G1 Medical Slide Holder ....is this the right accessory 
to get if i want maximum film flatness when scanning 35mm transparencies 
and negatives ? ...i know this was mentioned before,but i don't recall 
seeing an answer...if there was one already,sorry for repeating the question!



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