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Re: filmscanners: Acer Scanwit 2720s vs 2740s vs HP s20

At 04:44 PM 20/04/01 +0200, you wrote:
>am new to the filmscanner world..
We all are or were! :)

>I'm considering either the Acer Scanwit 2720s or the 2740s.  My perception
>after reading the specs, is that the 2740s is 2720s+ICE.  Did I miss
As Art has pointed out, the 2740 also uses a 14-bit A/D converter instead 
of a 12-bit.  Without going into details (that I don't really understand 
anyway!), that may mean a slight increase in colour quality and/or contrast 

>Would like opinions/experiences of whether the ICE was worth the price.
>Otherwise, for the 2720s, how much effort did you take to touch up
>any negative defects (assuming minor blemishes).
I have the 2720, and would spend 1-3 minutes touching up an 'average' image 
for 'average' quality :), for example if I wanted a good 6"x4" print or 
large on-screen display with no visible defects.

If I am after 'high' quality (eg a razor sharp 11"x8" print), and it's very 
dusty or scratched, it could take 30 minutes or more - but that is 
rare.  When I first started it could take a lot longer, but I think I have 
the hang of it now..!  I often spend longer tweaking color/contrast than on 
dust removal..

ICE slows the 2740 down, as it has to do another pass over the film.  I 
don't miss it, but if you have a lot of old dusty/damaged images it may be 
a worthwhile investment.

>The other unit I'm considering is HP's s20, but on features, stacks
>up with the 2720, and is much more expensive here.
I think the s20 has slightly lower resolution, ie 2400 v. 2720, but my 
knowledge is rusty.  I'm pretty sure there is a review of the HP on Tony's 
page (www.halftone.co.uk).  I am very impressed with the Acer given it's 
price, and I think Art may be correct in saying that the s20 is a bit past 
its prime, particularly if you are planning to print at 7"x5" or more..

Regards, MT.


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